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Do you need help getting your Solar PV system up and running again?

Does your Solar PV installation have a fault, has your inverter failed or perhaps you need your panels moving to enable an extension on your property? We can handle all of this and get your system back up and running today.

Whilst Solar PV is an energy efficient and sustainable technology perfect for powering your electricity use, many people find their electricity usage is greater in times of low light or night than in the day time.
A battery system from Solar East Anglia is the perfect way to capture electric during the bright times for use during night time or darker days.

Whether or not Solar East Anglia fitted your original Solar PV installation, our engineers are able to fit a battery system to your Solar PV next to the inverter together with all the necessary wiring and infrastructure.

Have you noticed your PV system isn’t generating what it used to?

If you have a Solar PV installation, then fitting a battery will improve your system for the following reasons:

  • Better return on your investment – fitting a battery will allow you to achieve the full energy savings on your energy usage, which is more beneficial than the revenues generated by the export tariff.
  • Up to 6,000 charges – giving you years of usage out of a single battery and ensuring that the system covers all installation costs over its lifetime.
  • 2 year guarantee on all workmanship – Solar East Anglia will fix any fault free of charge that occurs in the battery or wiring during the first two years of usage.
  • Safeguard against future energy rises – as the battery maximises your usage you are less prone to increased bills as energy costs grow in years to come.

At Solar East Anglia our technicians have the skills and expertise to fit your battery system in a single day. And where possible, it is always best to combine a new Solar PV installation with a battery charging system to maximise the returns from the technology from the very first day of usage.

Commercial solar panel installation

Commercial solar

With over 800 solar PV installs completed to date, commercial solar PV is what we specialise in. Installs completed range from 1kw upto 720KW. Please click here to find out more.

Solar panel installation for farms

Solar for farms

Discover the benefits of sustainable farming with Solar East Anglia! Our tailored solar solutions are designed to boost efficiency, cut costs, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Solar panel inverter replacement

Inverter Replacement

We can replace your faulty inverter within 2 working days. If your inverter is still under warranty we will arrange the replacement with the manufacturer and then install your replacement inverter for you.

Supercharge your business with clean, cost-effective energy – switch to solar and illuminate your path to a sustainable future.