Solar PV Market booming. 

Like all energy saving companies, we are currently extremely busy and working at maximum capacity due to the energy crisis. Enquiries and orders have increased dramatically, please be patient at this busy time as we try our best to keep up with demand.

COMMERCIAL SOLAR – Great prices on fully installed commercial projects, make energy savings today! Grid applications now taking 8-10 weeks, due to huge demand for solar PV. Get your order in asap so as to not hold up your project.

We are currently not taking any domestic orders at present, please check back at a later date. – Did you hear about the recent budget announcement?

Call us on01603 510444 or email today to discuss your solar project.

Specialists in Solar Panel installation covering the whole of East Anglia.

Solar East Anglia are based in Norfolk & Suffolk and cover the whole of East Anglia. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of solar PV and Battery storage systems for domestic, commercial and agricultural clients. Our aim is to become the best in the market both in terms of affordability and service. Solar East Anglia are proud to announce 11 years in business in the solar pv industry. This means we’re a company that has been here right from the start with a huge amount of experience. Solar East Anglia are ready to work with you on your solar project.


Domestic Solar

We now offer a great solar PV package which includes the latest battery storage systems for night time use and low light level days. Storing solar power now makes domestic solar PV an excellent tax free investment.

Tesla powerwall


With many solar companies exiting the market, we now offer a range of maintenance services including, moving solar panels, fitting solar panel optimisers, inverter replacements and fault finding. If you have a problem with your system, give us a call. 01603 510444

SMA inverter

Inverter Replacement

We can replace your faulty inverter within 2 working days. If your inverter is still under warranty we will arrange the replacement with the manufacturer and then install your replacement inverter for you.

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