We were approached by the owner of Glasswells many years ago. They had a very simple request, design us a solar system to cut our energy bills and help us become more green as a business. With several outlets across Suffolk, we are pleased to say we have now completed 4 installs for them to date. All the installations have gone on to save the business hugely and also make them a greener business.
System designed and installed
  • Glasswells, Newmarket Rd – 600Kw
  • Glasswells, Roundtree Way – 100Kw 
  • Glasswells, Ipswich – 50Kw
  • Glasswells, Haverhill – 60Kw
  • Approx annual generation = 600,000 Kwhs
  • Carbon saving = 310,000 Kgs
Solar panel installation at Glasswells, Suffolk
Solar panel installation at Glasswells, Suffolk

Supercharge your business with clean, cost-effective energy – switch to solar and illuminate your path to a sustainable future.