Sell Your Excess Electricity to the National Grid

Did you know you can sell energy created by your Solar PV installation to the UK’s national grid?

The Feed in Tariff sets the rate at which your generated electricity is paid to you by your nominated electricity company, giving you a guaranteed price per kWh.

Take Advantage of the Feed in Tariff with Solar PV

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One of the main reasons you should consider Solar PV for your home or business is the potential to create revenue using the feed in tariff.

This subsidy is paid to you by your nominated electricity company for energy generated in order to contribute to the UK’s power supply.

When you start running your own Solar PV power generation, the price per kWh is set in accordance with the scheme. This gives you a guaranteed return on your solar energy over the next 20 years.

How Does the Feed In Tariff Work?

  • Home or Residential – with residential solar PV you are restricted to a 16 panel array, which can generate up to 4 kWh of electricity every hour. To remove the need for export metering you are paid on 50% of the power you generate by the National Grid as export payments.
  • Small Business – if you are generating less than 30 kWh of electricity the National Grid assumes that around 50% is fed into the National Grid, as with residential supplies.
  • Medium to Large Business – when more than 30 kWh of electricity is generated by your Solar PV installation, an export meter is required to measure the amount of electricity that is supplied into the National Grid.

Solar East Anglia – Supporting Your Application

If you wish to take advantage of the benefits presented by the Feed in Tariff, you are required to make a DNO application to the National Grid.

Solar East Anglia handles all the necessary communication on your behalf, to ensure that the process is correctly managed on your behalf.

Once the application is complete, you will be supplied with all the appropriate paperwork and certification, guaranteeing your revenue and the set price for the next 20 years.

With Prices per kWh dropping every year – install Solar PV now to guarantee the best possible returns

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