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Generate More Money for Your Business – with Solar PV

Our policy at Solar East Anglia is to only work with one client at a time. This allows us to focus on your installation, ensuring that the work is completed to the highest of standards.

From start to finish you work with one dedicated project manager, delivering a product that exactly meets your design expectations.

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At Solar East Anglia we specify and install high quality Solar PV solutions, complete with all the supporting electrical works, throughout the East Anglian region.

Solar East Anglia has helped over 40 businesses across the East of England generate over £2.5 million revenue – both in cost reductions and money generated through the feed in tariff.

Our expert service works with your company to achieve the maximum energy generation possible in a set amount of space. Typically the revenue generated by an installation will pay for your initial investment within a period of 6 years.

Why Use Solar East Anglia?

With many solar PV companies competing for your business, Solar East Anglia offers a comprehensive service that has been built up over years of experience to meet our client needs. Our high standards of workmanship deliver:

  • A Proven Process of Installation – including a full site survey, a fixed price quotation, structural engineering calculations and a quality checking procedure that gives you a consistent job that is finished on time.
  • Client Focussed Service – unlike other companies, Solar East Anglia only run single installations at any one time. Our workers will not be called to any other job until your work is finished.
  • Dedicated Project Manager – the same person will handle every aspect of your installation, from the first meeting to the final sign off. This guarantees our service will meet your exact expectations.
  • No Pressure Sales – you will be given all the facts, figures and product information that you need to make your decision without hard sales methods and closing.
  • Liaison with Appropriate Authorities – Solar East Anglia makes all the necessary applications for your solar PV system to be connected up to the National Grid, ensuring that the correct specifications are met to secure the arrangements.

Making Money for Your Business…

Any surplus energy your solar PV system creates is sold to the UK National Grid at a rate set by the government. This allows you to offset the initial costs of the project against future revenues.

Once you have installed your system, you are eligible to be entered into a 20 year contract, set at a fixed price per unit from the start of the arrangement.

Secure the best price for your generated electricity – install Solar PV today…

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